Because I can!

On the flatscreen we kill and are killed again.

So, we lost the E-town Beatdown.  Meh.

Also, I'm really, really confused about English.  Last Thursday I had B-, and today I have a C-.  That's ONE SCHOOL DAY.  And the only thing that could have influenced my grade that much is that FUCKING PROJECT.  But, my lovely fact of the day:  My mother & I both, on our own, reached the conclusion that my English teacher isn't smart enough to teach 4-level English at this high school.  Plus, he's a brand-new teacher, and I need a teacher with experience wiht kids with IEPs, not one who forgot he had one in his class.


I'm supposed to be working on this French thing on this movie we're watching in class, but it's hard to find a reviewer who didn't like Les Visiteurs.

Spanish Immersion Day was today, and I totally can't wait for French Immersion Day!  I will totally speak to my English teacher in French, just because he said (to Mom) that he didn't care what a student added to a discussion, so long as they spoke up. Ce prennez, Monsieur!
A 1000 broken hearts

I don't know what it means, but I've been wondering...

I am all set to go for school tomorrow, and it's not even ten o'clock yet.

I am muchly proud.  Of course, I feel like I've just bashed my head against the wall about fifty times, danced, then relaxed on a hardwood floor.  And French class is seeping into parts of my brain that it shouldn't be in.  My first response to a question shouldn't be in French, should it?  All week, I've been thinking, quoi? Et Qui est-ce? Et oú est...?  I like French, but it's getting a little freaky.

My favorite French word ever is meuble.  As in, je vais aller á la magasin de meubles. (I'm going to go to the store of furniture.)  Such a cool word.  And my teacher is fun.  She's always saying things like, "Regardez!  C'est trés cool, non?"

Bien nuit, mes amies.

we only do it for the scars and stories, not the fame

Gack, this new LJ setup/skin/whateverthehellyoucallit is really annoying.  It's too... something.  It has no hard edges.  That really bothers me.

I drove for the frist time today XD.  It's raining, but Mom wanted me to get some practice, so she found the emptiest parking lot with the least standing water for me.  I went forward, and I turned.  There was a lot of abrupt braking.  It was sort of fun.  Mostly scary, but whatever.

My brain is all fried from school.  I'm trying to write a history paper on modernity and postmodernity, but failing miserably.  I know exactly what I want to write, I just can't get it from my mind to the computer screen.
Care less

They made a mistake at the toy factory...

I have a space cadet moment to share.  Truly a gem.

Last Friday was Alex's sixteenth birthday party, so he took couple of his friends (Six, to be more exact.  And I was invited!  It makes me happy.)  to dinner at Ron of Japan.  His parents drove us there, and in the car on the way there, we were for some unremembered reason discussing the Indiana Jones movies.  Hilary said that she had only ever seen part of one of them – I'm not sure which movie it's from, but it's the scene where Indiana Jones is walking down a tunnel and the floor is covered with bugs (he had that little Indian kid with him, I think.)  I said something like, "Was that the movie with the monkey brains and the hearts getting torn out of people's chests?"

Hilary cringed and said she didn't know, because they were too gross for her to watch.

Then, and only then, for the first time in my life, I realized that they were kinda gross movies.  Alex turned to me and said, "Ya think?"

I feel so stupid!  'Cuz they really are disgusting movies, but it's never bothered me.  I've always just closed my eyes during the nasty parts.  Also, I think the first time I saw and Indiana Jones movie, I was eight?  Some age like that.  I've seen all of them – even the young Indiana Jones movies, and they weren't that great – and it's never really bothered me before.

I think the movie Ry was talking about is hte one where the guy gets crushed under the grinding stone, but I'm not entirely sure.
A 1000 broken hearts

Children lose their youth too soon; watching war made us immune

There's been weird (read: bad) stuff happening in my life lately...  None of it really is about me, or involves me at all, but that's there's all these bad things happening to other people is really starting to bother me.  I'm scared– really scared, though, because I feel like I'm starting to slip back to where I was a year ago, frustrated and angry and cynical and and depressed but above all truly afraid that I was never going to get better.

I don't want to be that person again.

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Because I can!

One year!

I've been on LJ for a year today!  Woot!  And all that jazz.

First full week of school, and I started off by nearly missing the bus.  But I didn't.  Ick, that was obvious.

I'm joining the school newspaper!  They really, really, desperately need someone who can EDIT that thing half-decently.  The editing last year was atrocious.  "Awful" is not a strong enough adjective for the editing last year.  They're both cool.  Also, Hilary & I have an idea for a section – "Culture Corner," with a short article in a different language (or just about stuff that's happening elsewhere in the world), and some artwork or a recipe or something relevant frmo another culture.

Our school's really into international social service, so I think it would be fun to do stuff about ares of the world that we do service projects in.  Which is mostly Africa.  We should do an Asian social service project.  And another in New Orleans.

I babysat last night, for my neighbor's kids, Charlie (8) and Miriam (5).  They're really well-behaved, except Charlie likes to try to play video games when he's not supposed to.  I'm wise to that– I've got brothers, too.  But if you tell him he can't and give him something else to do, he stops.

Ooh, also, we had to take a reading assesment today and they spelled words wrong in the questions.  That really annoys me, because it's an Enblish test!  It doesn't make me confident in my teacher's ability to teach his subject when the test is mispelled!
Care less

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Yay!  First week of school is officially over!

I'm going to see Little Miss Sunshine tonight, at the local movie theater.  I always have candy in my purse for when I go to movies at the chain cineplexes, but I always buy stuff at teh local theater because it's waaaay cheaper.

And last time I was there, I left my purse behind and they went through it to find my phone number, so I have no doubt they also found the M&M's* and the (unopened) water bottle.  I'm wondering whether they'll search my purse tonight.

*I think I've had the same M&M's in my purse for a year.  (At least three months.  I'm not sure actually how long I've had them in there.)  I would be afraid to eat them.