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28th-Aug-2006 09:24 pm(too lazy)
Care less
I have the strange urge to make velociraptor noises.

A la Jurassic Park, of course.
28th-Aug-2006 08:30 pm - One year!
Because I can!
I've been on LJ for a year today!  Woot!  And all that jazz.

First full week of school, and I started off by nearly missing the bus.  But I didn't.  Ick, that was obvious.

I'm joining the school newspaper!  They really, really, desperately need someone who can EDIT that thing half-decently.  The editing last year was atrocious.  "Awful" is not a strong enough adjective for the editing last year.  They're both cool.  Also, Hilary & I have an idea for a section – "Culture Corner," with a short article in a different language (or just about stuff that's happening elsewhere in the world), and some artwork or a recipe or something relevant frmo another culture.

Our school's really into international social service, so I think it would be fun to do stuff about ares of the world that we do service projects in.  Which is mostly Africa.  We should do an Asian social service project.  And another in New Orleans.

I babysat last night, for my neighbor's kids, Charlie (8) and Miriam (5).  They're really well-behaved, except Charlie likes to try to play video games when he's not supposed to.  I'm wise to that– I've got brothers, too.  But if you tell him he can't and give him something else to do, he stops.

Ooh, also, we had to take a reading assesment today and they spelled words wrong in the questions.  That really annoys me, because it's an Enblish test!  It doesn't make me confident in my teacher's ability to teach his subject when the test is mispelled!
25th-Aug-2006 06:32 pm(too lazy)
Care less
Yay!  First week of school is officially over!

I'm going to see Little Miss Sunshine tonight, at the local movie theater.  I always have candy in my purse for when I go to movies at the chain cineplexes, but I always buy stuff at teh local theater because it's waaaay cheaper.

And last time I was there, I left my purse behind and they went through it to find my phone number, so I have no doubt they also found the M&M's* and the (unopened) water bottle.  I'm wondering whether they'll search my purse tonight.

*I think I've had the same M&M's in my purse for a year.  (At least three months.  I'm not sure actually how long I've had them in there.)  I would be afraid to eat them.
23rd-Aug-2006 04:56 pm(too lazy)
Because I can!
Sailing last night was so fun!  I sailed in a Rainbow 303, which is a nice boat, but I would never want to own one. because you need at least two preferably three to rig it & tack.  I want a baot I can sail by myself.

Um, anyway.  It was really wavy, so we went pretty fast but it was bumpy.  It was me & Hilary and the guy who owned the boat sailing it -- he was a bit snappy when we didn't move fast enough, but overall he was a decent guy.  He'd obviously sailed his entire life.

I got my braces off today!  Super exciting, and all that jazz.  I have one week before I get my retainers, and I'm planning on enjoying it. XD
21st-Aug-2006 06:39 pm(too lazy)
Care less
School starts this Wednesday & I'm really not looking forward to it.  My top reasons for not going back to school:

1) School means summer is over, and when summer's over I can't go sailing anymore 'cuz Michigan is too cold.
2) I just started my summer reading TODAY.  The Catcher in the Rye.  I cannot stand it.  (However, my mother was greatly amused by reading my annotations.  Most of them are along the lines of, 'It burns.')
3) My biology lab room is in the basement, and it looks like the dungeon laboratory of a mad scientist.  Possibly an ex-employee of Hitler's.
4) The sophmore/junior/senior campus has the most confusing layout known to mankind.

But then, I finally got a new backpack, and it's shiny.  So I kinda want to use it.

At the advisory picnic (when our new advisor showed us around The Big House), I swear everyone thought I had color contacts.  Actual conversations:

Mary (who's really nice. I'm so glad she's in my advisory): "Did you get contacts?"
Me: *nod*
Mary: "Are they color, or...?"
Me: No.
(Then there was the requisite 'so, what have you been doing all summer?' conversation, which isn't so bad when I'm talking to Mary.)

Caroline (one of Mary's friends, who's nice but I don't know her that well): "I like your contacts.  Very pretty."
I said thank you, then tried to figure out what on earth she was talking about.  By the time I guessed that she thought they were color, she was talking to someone else.

In other, less back-to-school news, Hilary and I are thinking about fixing the hole in my Sailfish and taking out before school starts.

Holy Hannah, school starts the day after tomarrow!  Ack!
Because I can!
There is this fucking fly that keeps fucking flying around my head and buzzing and it is now my immediate goal in life to fucking hunt it down and fucking kill it DEAD.  With my brother's fucking Nintendo Power.

I'm starting to feel like the mouse catcher guy in Mouse Hunt.  Great movie, by the way.



It landed on me, and I didn't get it.


I'm talking to it now.  "I just want to be friends."  Yeah, right.

I had this whole long entry planned about my inabilty to check things out from the library and hwy I'd vote for Tony Peraica if i was 18, but the fly distracted me.  Maybe tomorrow, when it's DEAD.

24th-Jul-2006 03:15 pm(too lazy)
I changed the layout again because I love Flexible Squares to no end, and when I see it in other people's journals, I want to use it in mine.

Um, anyway.

I LOVE ARTS AND CRAFTS!  I was hanging out with my baby brother today and he kept wanting me to play with him, but usually I say no, maybe later, so I was feeling a bit guilty.  I talked him into doing an arts-n-crafts project and we had loads of fun.  Squee.  When I grow up, I want to be a freaky hippie/writer/artist lady.  That would be the best profession ever.

Plus I want to join the Peace Corps for a bit, so it all works.
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