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This new heart of mine
goes from zero to love in no time.
10th-Oct-2006 09:19 pm
Because I can!
I am so mad at my English teacher.  First off, I thought I was failing that class.  I was getting mostly F's and C's on my lucky days.  All my friends were mad too, because I proofread their papers and help them out in English all the time, and it's one of my best subjects.  Then we did this group project, and individually I got an A!  Maybe a B.  I haven't actually calculated the grade.  But the group grade was an F with 'See Me!' written all over it.  And then we went to talk to the teacher, and he was all (looking at me and one other girl, Aria) "I'm kinda suprised at you." I really wanted to yell, "What the fuck?  I got the bext grade out of everyone in the group!"  Which is a big accomplishment for me in English this year – I was seriously expecting to get het worst grade in the group.

So, I'm mad at him.  I hope the individual grade counts more than the group one.

And, in other news, I saw the Joffrey Ballet on Saturday!  My mom's friend's daughter had a little bitty part in it, so we got the tickets from her for relatively cheap.  Yayness!

Also, I'm thinking of making this friends-only.

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